Marcokai Listed Theme

One of the things that held me back from jumping into (and to a lesser extent Standard Notes) was the bleach white standard website theme. As my eyes have aged darker themes have quickly taken over my workspace to keep eye strain down and greatly extend my focus time while at the computer.

Hello, Marcokai

So, as one of my first introductions, I'd like to contribute back a theme that anyone can use and remix freely. The theme, which I'm calling Marcokai, is a mishmash of dark hues and a slightly modified Monokai syntax highlighting theme. Released under Apache 2.0, it's free to use and re-use to fit your design, providing a dark theme that's code-snippet friendly.

The installation instructions are available at the listed Marcokai landing page. One key component of this theme, compared to maybe others, is by using the CSS import method you can tweak Marcokai as a base while still getting regular updates. This means if changes their layout or if there's an issue with the theme it'll be updated unless you pin it to a specific version.

Those details, install instructions, and how to tweak the theme are all at the projects github page

What does this theme change?

In addition to a dark theme with a modified monokai syntax highlight for code blocks this theme modifies the following elements:

  • The character between Listed and Blog Name was replaced with >
  • The footer has been merged to read Listed via Standard Notes


This blog is currently using it! I've also created a small post to showcase the code snippet highlighting.